Monday, 8 March 2010

"Hey, what new can i learn about lesbians? Probably, i know everything already. They like to fuck each other with cucumber, love to seduce innocent plumbers and everytime swimming-pool happens around, they start having crazy sex."

Wel, u r wrong, my dear)))
Let me tell u something. Sure, i cannot speak from all girls who like other girls in the world, but at least am the right sex person ^____^.

The first of all, girl-girl relationship is something different. Its more the highest point of friendship, the ultimate level of intimacy. U can say, u fuck another girl to learn her better (guys, catch my drift - u can always use it as an argument with a girl u wnana dig. I'm not sure only if it works in ur case. In mine it works always :P).

Secondly, its not really fucking. Its more an erotic pleasure by touchings, smells, feeling of breath. Trust me, guys, if a girl wanna have something in her pussy, she will probably find a guy for that. Girls do not use double-sides dildos, cucumbers, carrots and fists. As well, we do not pee on each other in shower and dont dress up as nurses. Thats the lie what entertament wants u to believe. DONT EAT THAT SHIT!! Lol.
Seriously, girls arent up to that. Try to remember, what ur gf wants u to do for her. I dont think she asks u so often to pee on her or fuck her during ur watching sport and eating potato chips. And now multiply it by two. U even can rase it to the second power. Girls like it gentle! If they dont, it means, u do it too boring (here comes another advice: guys, stop reading female magazines. I have no ideas who the fuck writes that, but after 30 min of non-stop oral pleasure the only reasult u will see is a sleeping girl and her sore clit. Trust me, im a girl).

Well, and the last fact u know already. Lesbians are lesbians, and they kiss each other not to practice while they are waiting for a real man to get laid with. Even do not hope. But bisexual girls mostly not up to lesbi girls, and still more enjoy by having sex with somebody who has a penis and can use it, so - HOORAAY! Just do not come to girls which are holding hands with a question if they are L or B. The only answere u will get is a slap in ur face.
And how will u know if u have a chance?

Well, maybe later ill tell u)))