Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I really dont like pron-tubes, they offer for free what we supposed to get paid for. But that''s the place where u can find all kind of wierdo's, and thats awesome.
For example:

And another thing:People like that are ready to give a lot of money to be watched, so when i do it for free i feel kinda duped. Or cheated, or like that prostitute from an old joke which had been paid with false banknotes. "What did u say? Are they false? He didn't pay me at all? OH MY GOD, i've been raped!!"
Kidding, he is funny. No sorrows i've watched that.))
And why am i watching that? I told u already, im fucking curious WHY and WHAT makes them get excited by things which make normal people get sick or nervious laughing. From another side, long time ago sex not in the missionary posotion counted as some kind of perversion as well, and how would u explain that doggy style gives u much more pleasure? It just does. Nah, one day, one day...