Wednesday, 31 March 2010

New World's Dictionary.

Mac Nazi: (n) A person that insist on a Mac based operating system to an extent of being Nazi-like!

Football Widow: N. A woman who must cope with the temporary death of her relationship during football games.

A russian: a synonym for someone who experiences severe depression/hate and views the negatives of the world.

Brandalism: The creeping corporatisation of schools, libraries and other public buildings, which are gradually being daubed with company logos and slogans. Coined by graffiti artist Banksy, and expounded on in his book "Wall and Piece"

Wikiality: Reality as decided on by majority rule. Based off wikipedia's 'majority rule' fact. Featured on The Colbert Report July 31, 2006. Wikiality refers to the changing of reality or truth via a Wikipedia-like system, allowing the public to change facts as long as there are others that agree.

Stage-phoning: the activity of talking on a mobile phone in an animated and deliberately audible manner, especially in order to impress people.

Refrigirator rights: Defines the depth, closeness, and intimacy of a relationship. Friends with refrigerator rights can help themselves to anything in your refrigerator without asking permission.

Driving the bus: To unintentionally drive a common route. To turn on the mental autopilot and arrive toward a location other than your desired destination. For example, if you set out to drive to the store, but after a few minutes find that you are halfway to your place of work.

Climate Porn: "Climate Porn" is slang for disgusting or repulsive propaganda used to try to get people to either fall for their belief set, or to intimidate them into silence. Often children are used in such portrayals as the victim of the adult world's excessive carbon emissions, in an effort to create guilt.

Closet Music: The music you love but hide for fear of being ridiculed.

Password Fatigue: tiredness and frustration caused by having to remember a large number of passwords for electronically-controlled activities.

camgirl: (CAM.gurl) n. A girl or young woman who broadcasts live pictures of herself over the World Wide Web. Also: cam-girl, cam girl, Webcam girl.

butt call: n. An unintended phone call placed by sitting on one's cell phone.

heteroflexible: (het.ur.oh.FLEKS.uh.bul) n. A heterosexual person who is open to relationships with people of the same sex.

male answer syndrome: n. The tendency for some men to answer a question even when they don't know the answer. Also: MAS.

gadget porn: n. Images and text that glorify or fetishize high-end or high-tech devices and gadgets. Also: gadget-porn, gadget pornography.

social notworking - The practice of spending time unproductively on social-networking websites, especially when one should be working.

New Words Added to Chinese Language (2007)

House slave: A person struggling to pay off a home loan.

Semi-honey couple: A married couple who maintain separate homes to try to keep the romance alive in their marriage.

Brokeback: Taken from the film Brokeback Mountain, this is a synonym for a homosexual.

Three-hand illness: Hand fatigue caused by overuse of gaming machines, computer mice, and mobile phones.