Friday, 5 March 2010

Dear diary...

...Today, in the middle of having sex, my girlfriend stopped moaning. I asked what was wrong. She said, "I’m bored."

...Today, I was waiting downstairs at my boyfriend’s house as he got ready to go. His mom came over and said she was so glad her son had met me, that I made him really happy. I smiled thinking how nice that was of her to say. She then continued, "Still, he tells me anal is a no?"

...Today, my grandmother decided to tell me about her past as a prostitute. In full detail.

...Today, my girlfriend and I broke up. The reason? She slept with four men while I was two weeks away visiting my brother. She told me it was because she missed me so much.

...Today, I walked in on my boyfriend watching a home made sex tape he had previously made with his ex-girlfriend. What’s worse than him jerking off to it? He was crying and hugging a pillow.

No kidding, u should read it. Most of stories are crappy, but u still can find some funny pearls))
Or some inspiration for humiliation sessions ^________^.
Oh, yeah, its from