Monday, 22 March 2010

Fetish Alphabet. F - Force Feeding.

"I then considered tube feeding, but the traders wanted something newer, faster, and more efficient. I also wanted something which tube feeding didn't offer, the ability for the subject to taste the food. I came up with a kind of vacuum device. It looked a lot like a jet fighters oxygen mask. It covered the face from just underneath the eyes down to the chin, and fitted around the subject's ears. It had a long flexible black tube that attached at the front of the mask, right in front of the person's mouth. This tube was filled with miniature blades and grinders. At the other end of the tube was a wide-mouthed funnel lined with Teflon. The idea was that food would be sucked up the hose just like a vacuum, ground up and moistened and lubricated in the tube, and then delivered at some speed into the person's mouth and down the throat. I had done several tests on the machine's ability to grind up food, and found that it could reduce a solid block of wood to a very mushy and swallowable paste in just a few seconds. It could take a chicken leg and grind up the meat, gristle, bone and sinew into a very tasty snack. It also had a sensor and automatic shut down attachment, which would prevent the subject from eating any inedible, poisonous, or foreign materials. And it was fast. There were three settings. Low, Medium, and High, naturally. High was a speed I wasn't likely to use too much. On low though an entire bowl full of pasta, sauce, meatballs, sausage, and garlic bread could be eaten in just thirty seconds. Medium cut the speed down to 15 seconds and High could do it in under 5. At that speed though a person might get hurt."

"But you haven't even finished half of your food" she pouted. "Well, I thought of that. Here." She pulled out a pill and fed it to him. "That should help calm down your stomach. As for the rest of this food," for a moment he thought she was going to give him a reprieve, then she reached under the table and pulled out a blender, "you are just going to have to drink it. I'll only do this for you for the first week. After that you had better to be able to eat it all, because you will whether you want to or not!"

“You know, I never really understood everything you told be about the liquid fattener. Would you explain it to me again?” Myra asked between bites of cheesecake. He had to think for a few minutes to recall exactly what went into the mix. “Oh, OK. Here goes. I started with pure liquefied butterfat. Then I added as much dehydrated vegetable fat as the liquefied butterfat could re-hydrate. This produced a very thick paste that was too thick to flow. Then I added a digestive enzyme that thinned it down so it would flow plus it's basically almost completely pre-digested. Her digestive system will have to do little other than absorb the fattener. To aid with that, I added an agent that causes her digestive system to accelerate both digestion as well as absorption. Naturally, since our goal here is to maximize her gain I added a growth hormone.”