Friday, 6 May 2011

Evil boy likes you.

About Me
Name: %username%
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Variable
Weight: 666 pounds
Height: 666 inches
Age: 44
City: North Hell
Country: Canada
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Moderate
Drugs: Experimented
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Doing the devil's work
School/College: Arizona State (i'm a Sun Devil :P)
Favorite Food: hot foods
Pets: 3 headed dog
Car: 2006 Hona Civic EX
About Me: RULES FOR THE LADIES 1. Please treat me with respect. If you treat me like a cash machine, I will treat you like piece of meat and believe me you don't want that. (Just imagine the worst, most degrading thing you have ever been called and multipy it by 1000. That's the type of stuff I will say if you treat me i such a manner). 2. I fully acknowledge that you are here to work and to earn but I hope you are here to have fun, too. Therefore, if you charge me to be added to your friend's list or to open my cam, I will have to do the same in return. BTW , it's 5000 tokens to be added as MY friend and 10,000 to view MY cam and 200 PER PM if you charge for PMs. Two can can play at that game if that is how it is going to be. If you don't charge me and I like you, I will be more than happy to do all those things for free :) Also don't pester me to rate and admire you. Doing so will result in a low rating. Asking once is enough. I don't want to hurt your cam score, but if I enjoy your company, I will still visit you regardless of what it is. And DON'T BEG ME FOR TIPS!!!! You have to earn them. With me that can include nudity and seduction but most of the time you will earn them by being unique and just being yourself. Show me something I haven't seen before. If I like you, believe me, you will get tipped :) 3 If I add you to my friend's list, consider it an honour. I've talked to literally thousand of models in my time here and only 42 are friends I don't ask just anybody and if I add you, it means I like you for more than just the sum of your lady parts. I am here to make your job a little bit easier and hopefully more fun and I hope you have the same kind of attitude towards me. Also, only my friends can PM me, so not being my friend limits your ability to do that. 4. I don't do group shows or raffles, nor do I skype. I will pay for passwords to galleries and videos. I don't buy used panties either. That is gross. You wouldn't want my used underwear, why the hell would I want yours??? 5. I LOVE private shows, when I can afford to do it. I'm not much of a director, I basically just want to see you cum many MANY times. Your pleasure is my pleasure. 98% of the time I go private, I go for a minimum of 15 minutes. For me (and probably for you too) it's not worth it to go any less than that. As I am a man of modest means, I don't go true private, just regular private. If people wantto watch, I have no problem with that. If you are one of the ladies who desires a true private, my 900 token rule is waived and you are subject to my attention span and I may leave earlier. I tend to like to get started fairly quickly, only because I want to maximize the amount of naughty time together but believe me, I am all about mutual pleasure. If you are feeling xxxtra hot on a particular day, you may politely ask if I want to go pvt, but don't pester me every time you see me online (see rule #1). It's annoying and just plain rude. If I decide I want to go private with you, I will give you a little heads up. I usually enjoy a little PM seduction before I do, I think it makes the privates more hot and most models seem to agree. If you don't want to go private with me, you may respectfully decline, although it will most likely hurt your chances to ever being asked again, depending on the circumstances. 6. I do have a webcam but only a handful of my friends have the privilege of seeing me and even less have done cam2cam with me in private. You can ask to see me but if i say no, don't be offended, it just means I am not comfortable to do so with you yet or i just don't want to tun on my cam that particular day. How long does it take to get comfortable? Depends on the person. One model it took less than a week, others I have known for over two years and they still haven't seen me. 99% of the time you do see me on cam, I will just be sitting in my chair or on my couch watching you. I won't be naked or anything, because that's just gross. I don't think you want to see that right away, nor do I necessarily want to show you. 7. SMILE!!! I know this job can be hard sometimes, but it sure beats digging ditches or working in an office. Think about it: You get to meet new people from all over and some of them give you money for dancing around naked and playing with yourself, so enjoy it!!! I am here with the hope that I can make your day a little more fun. Sometimes I can do it with tokens but most days I can only do it with kindness. Be friendly and generous with me and you will get double in return. My TRUE friends can attest to that. Be a cunt and you will be blocked and banned. Besides, aren't evil boys the most fun?